Thursday, 8 September 2011

Varagu Dosai

Today, I tried a Varagu Dosai. Varagu is Foxtail millet which looks like rice but small in size. It is said to be very nutritious and the shopkeeper told me that adding Varagu to idli rice while grinding for idli makes idlis softer. It really made the idly softer and so I tried out this dosai. Some one told me that eating Varagu Pongal at night induces good sleep!!. Let me see if Varagu Dosai has the same effect!!

To Soak:

Varagu rice - 1 1/2 cups
Urad Whole - 3/4 cup
Tuvar Dal - 2 tsp
Methi seeds- 1/2 tsp.

Pepper and cumin seeds- 1 tsp Coarsely powdered
I soaked the first four ingredients overnight and ground it into a smooth dough in the morning and mixed salt (2 tsp) and let it ferment for 8 hrs. Then I mixed the pepper and Jeera Powder and heated the dosakkal and poured the dough like uthappam and reduced the flame and covered the dosa with a lid and the dosa cooked on top also without turning the dosa. It came out so ... soft that maybe I could have tried Aappam also with the dough. It tasted well with spicy red chutney. Try and enjoy!!!


  1. did you use varagu or thinai? varagu i think is kodo millet and thinai is foxtail millet.

  2. I used Varagu only. You are right Thinai is fox millet but I used Varagu as the same is sold by its tamil name .

  3. My mom did varagu dosai today.. It was so nice.. I ve never heard about this before.. Went good with tomato thokku.. :-)

  4. Hi,

    A quick question. Thinai and Kambu have body heating properties. What about Varagu?